I Cook He Drinks hosts a collage of recipes that pair healthy, flavorful cuisine and innovative, nutrient rich cocktails. Here we celebrate the personal and professional histories of the authors, Michael and Jodi, and successfully integrate two related but often independently enjoyed cuisines– cocktails and health food. We use locally grown and manufactured, organic ingredients whenever possible, as we are as inspired by taste as we are by nutritional value.

Michael Cerretani is a nationally recognized, award-winning mixologist and spirits expert.  Michael has been involved in the restaurant industry for 12 years as a cook, server, and bartender.  However, in recent years Michael has shifted his focus primarily to spirits, cocktails, and bartending. He has successfully completed spirits seminars and tastings with world-renowned spirits professionals such as Gaston Martinez, Simon Brooking, Charlotte Voisey, and more. His talents earned him a Top Ten Finalist position the 2010 GQ/Bombay Sapphire Inspired Bartender Competition.  Currently, he helps run Colorado’s premier cocktail lounge, The Bitter Bar, in Boulder, Colorado.

In his free time, Michael enjoys creating inspired libations for friends and family using only the highest quality, organic ingredients. Some of his most noteworthy concoctions include the use of antioxidants and probiotics, which serve to offset the sometimes toxic effects of alcohol. His love of spirits is surpassed only by his love for his girlfriend, Jodi, to whom he owes a renewed sense of life purpose and meaning.

Jodi Dey is a not-so-well-known cook, connoisseur, and advocate of health food. She began her affair with food in the cornfields of Iowa, where she learned the art farming and the value of individually owned, small batch food manufacturers. As a (sugar-free, vegetarian) child, Jodi helped her family establish and grow Iowa’s largest health foods store, Everybody’s Whole Foods. At Everybody’s, Jodi allowed herself to become deeply immersed in the health food industry both philosophically and culturally. She made it her personal mission to live a balanced lifestyle, only consuming food that was as good for her health and the environment as it was tasty to eat.

In college, Jodi had the privilege of living with a professionally trained chef. Thanks to years of co-cooking with her roommate, Jodi’s love of natural, organic, healthful cuisine was transformed into a full-blown devotion to the culinary arts. She began researching, experimenting, and creating fundamentally healthy, but wildly flavorful recipes, of which she shared and continues to share with friends and neighbors during her weekly Potluck Sunday events. Today, Jodi spends her professional time as a community manager, and independent social media, traditional marketing, and business development consultant primarily for clients in the food and health industries. You can find the documentation of Jodi’s thoughts and experiences on her personal blog I Ask.

Until recently, Jodi was convinced that she would forever run a one-butt kitchen—cooking, hosting, and creating the feeling of home independently. But as fate would have it, both her home and her recipes were devoid and in need of the presence of one Mr. Michael Cerretani—to whom she devotes her food, her life, her everything.